This week 12 teams at the start of a new top bridge week in the Alt, including a new name: Swissarabian UAE. It is already the third Minor Alt.

Mixed IV will be played by 16 teams. Which team will take first prize this time? The first three editions were for: Pepsi (two times) and Donner.

 Welcome to a new version of the Minor Alt Invitational. The Minor Alt II consists of 14 teams divided in two groups of similar strength according to the completely unbiased organisers. Each group plays all teams in the other group, 7 matches of 24 boards.

The final ranking within the group (the teams will not have played each other but all the same opponents) will decide who qualifies for the quarterfinal.

In the quarterfinals, number 1 plays number 4 and number 2 plays number 3 in each group. See the Conditions of Contest in the pre-bulletin for details. 

We are back with the event Alt began with; eight top teams competing in a Round Robin, followed by knockouts for the top 4 teams. We renamed it Minor Alt to distinguish from our Major Alt-events. We are excited to welcome new and familiar players and look forward to five days of world class bridge.

Former editions of the Alt Mixed Teams had only 8 participating teams; since mixed has become a popular discipline and we would like to give more players the cha nce to compete in our events, we have allowed more teams to enter and changed the format from a round robin to a swiss. We play 10 matches of 14 boards, followed by quarterfinals for the top 8 teams on Thursday and semi- and finals on Friday.

Enjoy the MontreAlt

Welcome to a new Major Alt event after a summer break. 

Right now we all wish we were in Montreal joking with our friends and beating our opponents, but the MontreAlt is the best we can do until that will be possible again.

We are happy the holders of the first Major Alt (Gupta) are back to defend their title. Also we have strong teams from China, USA, Argentina, Sweden and England. And for the first time we even have 8 teams found through our qualification. 24 teams were fighting really hard and Lombard was the winner. We wonder if they will also challenge the teams in this top class field? Our prediction will be place number 13! Who dares to bet?

We wish all the teams lots of success and we wish kibitzers a lot to enjoy. They can see all their favourite players live in action.

Fight for it

Welcome to the first qualification for a Major Alt event. We are so happy to see players from so many different countries. 2020 is a historic year also for bridge. All tournaments are cancelled and we have moved online to play. 

There are hundreds of tournaments every day, but for players who like to compete against the world top, possibilities are limited.

This is the reason the Alt Organisation created the qualification for our MontreAlt in the first week of August. We want to give all players the chance to enter while maintaining a high level at our main event. Which means you have to fight for it.

The first two will be invited to play in the MontreAlt free of charge. Teams placed 3-8 will be invited as well, but will have to pay entry fee. In case a team is not available, number 9 gets that spot and so on.

You will find all results on 

Enjoy the fight! 

Major Alt Stars Finally! 

When we got the idea for a Major Alt we never imagined to present such a world class field. 36 star-studded teams with players from 22 different countries. And unlike the major championships where only a select number of matches are on BBO, anybody can watch their personal favourites. We hope the Major Alt will be the most entertaining online event of the year, with great plays and clever comments. We encourage all participants to be cordial to your opponents and remember that kibitzers from all over the world are watching. Let the Major show begin. You can find all results on right after the last match is finished. Shortly after you can watch the replay at any tables to see what happened at the other tables.

Welcome to the sixth Alt Invitational.

As usual we have a spectacular field. Not only in terms of bridge skills, but also sparkling personalities. First of all we have the great (figuratively speaking) Brad Moss playing with ditto Joe Grue. We finally got rid of Brink-Drijver, since Blass has replaced them with Upmark-Nyström, and finally we have the one and only David Gold playing with a pakistani gentleman.

Have fun on this last regular Alt.
June 22-26 we will end for this season. After a break (how long will it be?) we strive to continue the series.


This time we are playing the second edition of the Alt Mix; again 8 world class teams, including Pepsi, defending the first title from two weeks ago.
After this one, we have the last regular Alt Invitational (VI), a week off, needed for preparing the Major Alt (Swiss, 32 teams).


May 25 we start the 6th Alt event of the series. Again 8 world class teams who will enter the ring together : Blass, BridgeScanner, Bussink, de Botton, Donner, Gillis, Gupta and Street. 

After this one we continue with Alt Mixed II (June 1-5) and Alt Invitational VI (June 8-12).
And because it’s so special, we look forward to the highlight of our project (see below).

Breaking News!

To conclude the spring season of the Alt Bridge Events, we present the Major Alt Invitational Teams.June 22 to 26 we will have an extended version of the Alt Invitational. It will be a maximum of 32 teams, still by invitation.
We strive to have world class teams of ethical players.
Teams who feel they might fit this category can write to to request an invitation. It will be up to the organising committee whether they will accept the team.
So far more than ten top teams have confirmed their participation including Blass, Swiss Team, De Botton, Lavazza and Tulin.

Since we have more teams, the format will be different. Instead of a round robin we will have a swiss with 10 rounds of 14 boards, concluding on Thursday the 25.
The top 8 qualify for the quarterfinals, also taking place on Thursday.
Friday we will have semifinals and finals.
Playing times for the swiss will be 10:00/12:30/15:00 eastern time / 16:00/18:30/21:00 European time.

After the Major Alt the tournament will take a summer break. We hope to be back in the fall and run as long as live bridge is not an option. 

 Alt 4ever

While the Ghost of Corona is still haunting the (Bridge) World, we are forced to quiet our craving for bridge online. Welcome to the 4th edition of the Alt Invitational.

The Alt Invitational has become a source of satisfaction for insatiable bridge addicts. Not only for the players, but also for the kibitzers. The difference between watching regular vugraph and following the online Alt is much smaller than for the players who sit at home rather than at the table, where they can smell their opponents’ sweat after a well-placed double.

We all long to return to live bridge, but we are happy that the Alt Invitational plans to run indefinitely - or at least until we can all look each other in the eyes again.

Sometimes You Swallow

Corona goes on and on. The world of bridge had to swallow two new huge disappointments: the cancellation of the Montréal Summer Nationals (July 16–26, 2020) and the World Bridge Series in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy (August/September, 2020). Hopefully we can go live again at the Tampa Fall Nationals (November/December, 2020). That was the bad news. The good news though is that this third Alt is stronger than ever. The format is the same as number two: a round-robin of eight teams followed bysemi- and full finals. Apparently online events make up a  bit. Have fun and stay tuned.

You can follow the information, nicknames, schemes, results etc. on the tournament site (click on the banner above).


Among Peers

The success of the Columbus Alt last month encouraged us to organize more Alts. Last month's tourney was named after the Spring Nationals, which were supposed to be held in Columbus, Ohio. The virus thwarted that one, but luckily bridge has quite a few online alternatives. This week's Alt Invitational has the same, though extended, format as the aforementioned Columbus Alt. Extended? Yes, we start with a round-robin of seven matches, but ad a 24 board semifinal and a 36 board final. Therefore, this Alt takes an extra day. We hope to arrange a new Alt every three or four weeks.
So, we are now on the brink of a series of (hopefully) great events joined by eight world class teams. How to participate? Well, to play an Alt is not that easy, as it is by invitation only. The field is carefully picked, where quality and honesty are the main criteria. We are aware of the fact that playing online offers lots of electronic opportunities to cheat. On the other hand, we are convinced that due to the 'among peers' factor we can achieve enough security. What bridge pro would put their reputation at stake?

Have fun with this one! The next Alt Invitational is scheduled already for the week of April 20th.


 The Show Must Go ON

 The Corona virus is definitely changing our lives. Mass events are cancelled. Sport organizations suffer and bear the consequences, amongst others live bridge tournaments.

ACBL was forced to cancel the Spring Nationals in Columbus (Ohio), a measure without precedent. Still there is some good news as well. This has everything to do with the fact that nowadays bridge can be played on the internet. Stay safe at home and turn on your pc, smartphone or tablet to play online.

‘The Show Must Go On.’ Exactly that phrase must have crossed Paul Street’s mind when he designed an online equivalent of the Vanderbilt KO Teams, traditionally the prestigious main event of the Spring Nationals. Paul succeeded to engage eight world class teams (Lavazza, Spector, Street, Blass, Upmark, Tulin, Moss and Meltzer) to join an online tournament under the name Columbus Alt.

 The event can be followed on BBO from Monday March 23nd through Thursday March 26th, 2020 and is a co-operation by bid72 and At this place you gradually get more information of this great event. And if you wish to receive automatically Daily Bulletins with results, stories and pictures in your inbox register for the Newsletter, which you can find on the bid72 website (see the  bid72 banner on this page).

You can follow the information, schemes, results etc. on the tournament site (click on the Netbridge Columbus Alt banner on this page).