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This week Alt will continue the competition, this time with 28 teams: three groups of 6 teams and one of 10. 
Groups A/B/C play double Round Robin (10 rounds of 16 boards), home teams have seating rights.
Group D plays single Round Robin (9 rounds of 16 boards), no seating rights (blind line-up).
As always everybody is very welcome at Alt’s open tables (direct kibitzing at all the tables). 

Last year great efforts were made to prevent cheating, so we are encouraged to continue our policy.
Bridgefans very much like to watch the experts in real time, players like to be followed by their fans and love to watch “the last boards” of their side pair after finishing their own session, being able to follow the end of the match.
That’s the way to keep bridge not only alive but also kicking.

Schedule of play, Monday-Friday
10.00 EDT / 16.00 CET (16 boards)
12.30 EDT / 18.30 CET (16 boards)