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Starting Monday, April 12, Alt organises the second BAM (Board-a-Match) during the week, ending on Friday. 

The qualifying stage will be played in the form of a “Round Robin” and will consist of 104 boards played in 13 matches of 8 boards each. 

Scoring: board-a-match (1:0 – 0.5:0.5 – 0:1). 

The top 8 teams from the Round Robin qualifying stage will advance to the knockout stage (Thursday and Friday). 

Participating teams (14): Gupta, Donner, Mikadinho, Amateurs, Seligman, Salvo, Huang, Can-Am, Cantor, Bid72, Quaranteam, Netbridge, Rippey, Pitch & Putt Busslo. 

Play starts 10.00 EDT / 16.00 CET.